Lifting your house is a great way to protect your home from flood damage, add headroom to your basement, or simply improve your view on the property. Heavy rains and natural disasters pose threats to structural integrity. By raising your house, you can protect your home from flood damage. Structural lifting is also a great way to add space to your building either by adding an entirely new story or improving ceiling height. Many oceanfront homeowners utilize house lifting to protect their home and obtain a better view.

Why Lift a Structure?

  • Prevent flood damage
  • Lower flood insurance premiums
  • Add a story
  • Add headroom to your basement
  • Gain space in a commercial building
  • Increase height for a better view

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171 Broad Street Charleston SC House Raise 8 feet flood zone Home Raise Structural Raising

Pictured above is 171 Broad Street in Charleston, SC. We raised this historical home 8 feet as part of future flood prevention efforts by the owner.